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Cubbon Park

It is spread over an area of about 300 acres and the layout is absolutely exquisite. The park is green and dotted with fountains, statues and flowering trees. The 120-hectare park,  Lord Cubbon laid the park in the year 1864. Since then, fairy fountains, an august bandstand and a wealth of atatury have been added. But the most important aspect of Cubbon Park is its newer buildings that have added beauty and cultural wealth.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace


In 1791, this beautiful two-storeyed ornate wooden structure with exquisitely carved pillars, arches and balconies was one of Tipu's favourite summer retreats. Haidar Ali started the construction of this palace and this wooden summer palace completed by Tipu Sultan in 1789. The palace has battlements and turrets, Gothic windows and foiled windows resembling the Daria Daulat Palace of Srirangapatnam. The double-storeyed lavishly ornamented palace is made of wood and is known for its carving and paintings.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens


The garden today houses over 1000 species of flora which include rare and enchanting collection of tropical plants, trees and herbs. It was originally called Lalbagh because the garden had a profusion of red roses. It has a very good collection of tropical and sub tropical and medicinal plants. The glass house, made on the lines of the London Crystal Palace, is the main attraction in this huge park. The Rose garden is another attraction at Lal Bagh garden. It is placed at the heart of the Lal Bagh, near the north gate entrance. 150 different varieties of roses are grown here.

Nandi Hills Temple


The Bull Temple at the Nandi Hills is one of the oldest temples in the city and was built by Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore
. This typical Dravidian style temple has a massive, monolithic Nandi bull, 15 ft high and 20 ft long. The small hill station, about 60 kms from Bangalore, was a popular summer retreat of both Tipu Sultan and the British.

In Nov/Dec every year, when the groundnuts have been harvested, a groundnut fair is held near the temple.



It stands over a small hill and is a very clean and well maintained temple. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISKCON Temple Complex of Bangalore is a marvelous building structure. It is a harmonious blend of the Dravidian and modern architecture. The main temple hall houses the altars of Their Lordships Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Krishna Balarama and Sri Nitai Gouranga. You will find the Golden Chandelier shaped like an inverted Lotus Flower.


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